kamillio used to be an agency,
just like you.

We understand the challenges and gaps in insurance Agency-Carrier technology and started building proprietary software to improve efficiency in our agent’s processes.

Working with a close-knit, all-star team of software visionaries in an agency environment, we built software that improves the efficiency of every agent, tested and built from the ground up, by insurance people.

Fast forward 5 years and 2 national awards later, we introduce the Kamillio platform for the next generation of insurance agencies.

Here is a story of our journey from there to here.

So, on top of an already difficult challenge of running an insurance agency, getting carriers to like you, building a client list and rallying our insurance agents and staff to be the best they can be, we have zero visibility if anything is actually working or not. Sure, we’re generating sales, but at that rate, it would take us 40 years before the agency is going anywhere. We were suffering from KPI blindness because we didn’t really know if it was working or not. We couldn’t see.

Any quick math could tell us how much money, clients, conversions were flying out the window. We hit a wall. What do we do from here? We decided we would fight back and didn’t settle for that. We didn’t accept that is the way things should be. With our wealth of in-house insurance pedigree, we knew the insurance industry was fundamentally broken. We wanted to make a mark, to make a change for the better, to modernize and bring the insurance buying experience to the next level. To really improve how people were buying insurance.

We hit the same wall you did.

"...improve how people were buying insurance"

With some great ideas in our pocket, we set out to make a change.

We were inspired to create something new, take that big first step in the right direction. Turns out we were right. Major insurance carriers were inspired and invested in us. Venture capital firms invested in us. We had the capital to build what the insurance industry needed. We started building our dream platform and our agency started using it 100%.

For the first time, we could see every data point we possibly could. We could see how bad it really was. Our pre-canned BMS “Rater” software (that seemed great at first) had +95% abandonment rate. That means every 20 user going through the flow, only 1 was turning into a pre-qualified lead for the agency, and with the standard 10% closure rate through pre-qualified leads, we were closing 1 insurance policy in every 200 users. Literally terrifying!

Most agencies are currently using this and don’t even know how much it’s really costing them. It’s crippling. We knew that we had to right the wrongs to change this for the better.

The good, bad and ugly truth about our agency KPIs.

Fast forward four years and
a couple national awards under our belt, we proudly introduce kamillio.

Meet the team

Morgan Girouard

Founder, CEO

Rob McPherson

Co-founder, COO

Co-founder, CDO

Doruk Yolacan

Co-founder, CDO

Michael Cheong


Vicki Harrison

Director, Finance and HR

Martijn Vrugteman

Director, Partnerships

Jamie Walsh

Director, Distribution

Sergii Markovych

Senior Developer